Complete Emergency Item Checklist For Preppers


You spend a lot of time preparing your dwelling for a disaster.  You probably have everything you need to secure your premises for the next great storm, power outage or even terrorist attack.  Are you totally prepared?

What would you do if you can’t just run to the store and pick up the everyday items that your family needs?  Could you and your family survive if the store shelves were empty for a few days, weeks or even months?

Now is the time to begin preparing a stockpile of all the necessities you need in the case of a disaster.  Start planning before it is too late.  You need to make sure you have everything your family needs in case of a long term emergency where you will not have access to goods and services.

This bonus report was created to give you a complete checklist of everything you will need in the case of a long term emergency.  Use this list and begin creating your stockpile today.  You never know what lurks around the corner to take away everything you need to survive.

Why Are Stockpiles Important

The main reason you need a stockpile is obvious.  You need enough provisions to survive through a catastrophic event.  However, this is not the only reason you need to have a stockpile.  The materials you have saved can help save your life in ways you never imagine. The main reasons for your stockpile are:


The most basic reason to have a complete stockpile is survival.  When a catastrophic event occurs, you will not have access to stores, restaurants, fuel or even medical care.  For this reason, you need to make sure you have everything you need to survive day by day.  This can be something as simple as having fresh water to drink.  It could also mean having the necessary equipment to suture a cut or perform minor surgical procedures.  You will also want materials in your stockpile to provide temporary shelter and heat.  Having these supplies available can mean the difference between living and dying for you and your family.


You stockpile will not only be used as a life force for you and your family.  It will also be a form of barter between your friends, neighbors and fellow survivors.  During a catastrophic event, money can be made worthless.  You can’t just run down to the corner store and purchase what you will need.  You may need to trade with people to get what your family needs to survive.  For this reason, when creating your stockpile, load up on all provisions, whether you need them personally or not.  The bottle of whiskey or pack of cigarettes that you will not use can be traded for the food and water you need to make it through another couple of days.


You also want to make sure that your stockpile takes care of all your needs.  Sure you will need food, water and medical supplies, but you may also need shelter and warmth.  You can never take for granted that you will have a roof over your hear when an emergency happens.  You need to include shelters and heating supplies in your stockpile.  Your stockpile should include EVERYTHING you need for you and your family to survive long term.

It Is Never Too Soon

The first rule in starting your stockpile is “It is never soon enough”.  You never know when you will need it.  You want to have your stockpile ready when you need it.  After a catastrophic event, you do not want to be running around trying to find what you need.  Make sure everything is in place before you need it.

You want to make sure you go through the list and get everything that you and your family members will need for a two week period.  It may sound like a long time, but you want to make sure you do not run out.  Your family’s life can depend on it.

Start by getting all of the food and water items you will need on the list.  Once you have all of those items, you can move on to the first aid essentials and continue through the list until you have everything.  You may also find items that your family needs that are not on the list.  This is a basic list of the items you need for survival.  Not everything is on the list.  For example, if you or someone in your family is on medication such as insulin or heart medication, make sure you have enough on hands at all time to last a few weeks.  There is no foolproof list for everyone.  This list is just the starting point for your family’s needs.

You also need to remember that you do not have to purchase everything on the list at once.  Begin buying what you can.  Keep adding to the list until you have everything that you need for a long period of time.  You also want to keep checking the items in your list to make sure they have not expired.  If you find an item that is past its expiration date, simply replace it.  You need to check your supplies frequently to make sure everything you have on hand can be used when it is needed.

Critical Essential Checklist 

As you will see, the checklist provided is broken down into categories.  This is to make it easier for you to plot a course and make sure you have everything you need.  You may find that you do not need everything on the list.  If you come across something you will not use, either omit it or purchase a limited supply to be used as a bartering tool.  The most important factor is that you have every item that your family needs in case of an emergency.  Not every stockpile will be the same.  Each person has different needs.  Make sure your stockpile meets all the needs of you and your family.

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